B2B Fintech AI SaaS for Financial Institutions

Enhance your

KYB and credit scoring processes with our

AI-driven analysis service

The service provides supplementary analysis, detecting manipulated financial statements, that traditional methods might miss



  1. While standard KYB practices focus on collecting legal and media information about entities, our service adds a critical layer by analyzing financial statements in-depth.
  2. This extra dimension allows for the detection of suspicious activities that could impact financial integrity.
  3. Our tool ensures a more comprehensive assessment, helping to safeguard your institution against hidden financial risks and promoting greater transparency in business engagements.


  1. Traditional credit evaluations often trust the accuracy of provided financial statements. Our solution questions this assumption by meticulously verifying the reliability of these documents.
  2. By identifying potential financial statement manipulations, our service provides a more accurate measure of a company’s creditworthiness, reducing the risk of bad debt and enhancing decision-making precision for lenders.

Top Reasons Why Choose Us!


Substantially less costly and swifter than conventional financial audits


96% correct detection

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly augment your current systems with our AI technology

Insightful Analytics

Leverage enhanced data insights to mitigate risks

How it works?

  1. Input data from Financial Statements (Balance Sheet and Income Statement)
  2. Detect irregular patterns in Financial Statements
  3. Receive assessments indicating high, medium, or low risk of manipulation.
  4. Utilize these insights to inform your decision-making process.



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